Tradition, Leadership and Innovation

The history of the trailblazing family spirit of the founder of Tecnoroad has its roots during the time when the industry of construction equipment in Brazil was still in its infancy. By the 1970s, this family business was already developing and supplying off-highway wheels to OEM companies such as Clark, Case, Fiatallis, just to mention a few.

Building on its vast experience in wheel manufacturing for off-highway vehicles since 1967 - a time when every piece of equipment had its limits tested in the field - Tecnoroad has focused its growth in selected niche markets in which it can add value to its customers with purpose-built products.

Tecnoroad has its home in Brazil, a country full of geographical, climatic and cultural contrasts and therefore an ideal testing track for all kinds of equipment. This is exactly why Tecnoroad is a leader among wheel manufacturers in the world historically, the company has had to keep enhancing its wheels in order to perform well in the kinds of landscape that constantly challenge the limits of the equipment. Tecnoroad has not only met all challenges but was also able to develop features for its products that exceed the most demanding technical requirements in performance and durability.

Tecnoroad understands that the key to innovation is not the attempt to manufacture all possible kinds of wheels and be the largest wheel manufacturer in the world. Instead, a truly modern company is concerned about constantly improving what it does best and focusing its acquired know-how to comprehend the real needs of customers so as to be able to develop, manufacture, add and deliver specific products that effectively fulfill those needs. The ultimate evidence of this philosophy are our wheel/tire assemblies supplied directly to our customers' assembly lines, a pioneer solution created by Tecnoroad to meet the needs of our customers.

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